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“Michael Moore saw my need to pick a lane and stay in it before I even realized I was on the highway, never mind weaving all over it. My business is better off for it, and I can’t thank him enough. 

Michael Moore has helped me think about my work and my business in a way that makes my business work. I can’t thank him enough.”
There’s not a single business problem I’ve brought to Michael Moore that he hasn’t solved. I trust him because he reminds me of the reason I wanted to be an entrepreneur in the first place. 

When I get really frustrated, he reconnects me to the bigger picture. He also makes me Laugh! Like, cackle-so-hard-I-can’t-stop-crying laugh!”
“We were so pleased with the results that we asked him to help us to refocus our entire business. That was the BEST decision we have made since we started in this industry. 

 With his guidance, we have discarded ‘traditional thinking’ and begun narrow in on our core clients (our micro market). We are looking forward to a significant growth in our business this year thanks to Michael Robert Moore!”
“Michael Moore is an outstanding public speaker and coach. 

His sessions dig deep and re-define success as actively managing fulfillment. 

Participants say, 'This workshop changed my life.'
Wendy Leege, Va Da Vie
"Michael has so much valuable experience in small business to understand and pinpoint crucial aspects of each individual small business

 He is guiding our start-up through helpful online modules and tools to organize priorities and enhance productivity in business and fulfill personal goals. Thank you Michael and your team!"
"I can't praise Michael enough! I'm a young 24 yr old new real estate investment consultant. 

I've been through many Business & Marketing books and expensive courses looking for a way to structure and increase my business, as real estate is known to have an extremely high failure rate. 

This is different! I found a clarity, drive and direction that I feel will help me break into this field.

 I promise you will have a business that means something to you and will be excited to wake up for or stay up late to work on confident that you will succeed. That's what it's done for me!"
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